My top 5 dream destinations

If I’m not travelling, I’m frantically searching various channels for cheap flights to any number of awesome destinations on my list. (Secret: my list actually has just one destination: ‘everywhere’). Here’s my top 5 dream destinations:

  1. the Khutzeymateen

I don’t remember how I learnt about the Khutzeymateen, but this place has enchanted me ever since. The Khutzeymateen is located just north east of Prince Rupert on the West Coast of Canada. Part of the tsimshian nations territory, this provincial park was established as a grizzly bear sanctuary in 1994 and was the first place in Canada to be a protected area for grizzly bears – meaning that it is prohibited to hunt or kill the bears in this park. The khutzeymateen is a haven for these incredible animals – and they roam free through this wild habitat. Photography tours are offered by the Khutzeymateen lodge which takes you through the river basin by boat – offering you a safe and peaceful tour of this beautiful wildlife haven. The photography opportunities are unparalleled – especially for those people visiting from July – September when humpback whales and orca can be seen during the summer foraging season. Below are just a few photos taken on Khutzeymateen tours, which can be booked here:

photo credit: Jamie Hahn
Photo credit: Michael Bednar

I dream of cruising down the river and seeing these amazing bears living peacefully, without the threat of being shot by hunters.

2. Iran

My Mum will probably have a few sleepless nights when she reads this one (sorry Mum!). I have recently read several accounts of journeys through Iran, and rather than being filled by terror and fear, they have actually been stories of a vibrant, beautiful country, inhabited by some of the kindest people in the world. I am captivated by these images taken by photographer Amos Chapple and would love to visit this country, if only to shine a small light on the good in a country that is the source of so much press negativity.

main_1200 (3)main_1200

3. Galapagos Islands

For me, nothing captures the spirit of the wild like the Galapagos Islands. First discovered in 1535 by a South American priest, the Galapagos Islands were also the source of Charles Darwins theory on evolution after he travelled to the Islands in 1835. This group of 13 volcanic islands situated in the Pacific Ocean (with the addition of 7 smaller islands),  is home to the some of the highest levels of endemic species in the world. 80% of the land birds you will see, 97% of the reptiles and land mammals, and 20% of the marine species aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Truly a pandoras box for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and conservationists.

JoAnne Rosen
photo credit: JoAnne Rosen
michael perlmutter
Vermillion Flycatcher Photo credit: Michael Perlmutter

4. Monte Verde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

A cloud forest is slightly different from a rain forest because of it’s elevation above sea level. Cloud forests offer the opportunity to capture images of some of the most breathtaking birds in the world. The Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica is home to an eye watering number of birds – including 30 different types of hummingbird, not to mention 100 different mammals, and over 1200 different types of amphibians and reptiles – all spread over 26,000 acres of lush green forest. Incredible. Cloud forests are so mega diverse that I can imagine it’s like stepping into a Lewis Carrol novel – where else could you find bare-necked umbrellabirds? Resplendent quetzals? Turquoise browed motmot’s? Assassin bugs? The list goes on – and it’s not just their names that are exotic – check out the photos below.

courtesy of:
courtesy of:

5. Antartica

Man’s last frontier. Earth’s southern most continent. The coldest, driest, windiest place on our planet. I cannot imagine a more exciting prospect. Antarctica is such an extreme environment that only the worlds hardiest and most adaptable species manage to live here – only 3 species of birds breed here. Many areas of this majestic icy wilderness remain largely unexplored – and it’s that mystery that makes Antarctica so appealing. Soaring glassy icebergs, huddles of penguins, plumes of snowy, biting wind – a photographers playground.

Photo credit: Paul Nicklen
Photo credit: Huffington Post

These are just 5 of the hundreds of destinations on my wish list. I imagine there will always be somewhere I want to go for the first time – or return to. Wanderlust is both a blessing and a curse – but I hope I never lose it.

Where is your dream destination? What one place would you return to if you could? Do you like this list style of post? Let me know in my Facebook comments.

Until the next adventure,



2 comments on “My top 5 dream destinations”
  1. efdarlington says:

    Antarctica. Yes please! You know… they do recruit knowledgable people to talk about the birds and wildlife. It’s calling you! BUT I think the Arctic is possibly even more beautiful for its wildlife. And easier to get to.

    I enjoyed the post. Keep dreaming, keep adventuring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be absolutely incredible!!


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