Moving to New Zealand – how and why


This is the iOS notification that started it all. In April of 2016, Steve (my boyfriend) and I decided that we wanted to experience life in another country – 7 months later and we vacuum packed our clothes and said our goodbyes before moving to New Zealand. So how did it all happen?

As we’re both over 30 – we had very few immigration options outside of Europe. We did some research and found that BUNAC offered a New Zealand working holiday visa to people up to the age of 35. We called BUNAC – only to be told that the IEP visa we wanted had sold out for the year. We’d be put on a waitlist, and would just have to keep our fingers crossed. After that, we kind of forgot about it and got on with our lives. Then, in September, we both  received emails from BUNAC, telling us that we had been selected from the wait list!

So here we are.

We flew with Etihad and Air New Zealand from Heathrow on December 4th 2016….30 hours later, we landed in Auckland –  my first trip to the Southern Hemisphere. Besides two nights accommodation in a hostel, we had very little idea of where we would live or what work we would do. It certainly was an adventure – and we are now settled in Nelson at the top of the South Island.

In the mean time, if you’re thinking about applying for an IEP visa – or moving to NZ, I’d love to answer any questions you may have! Just drop me a line

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